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Mike Runion Posts

How Can Jesus be the Only Way to Heaven?


Heaven! There is an old song entitled, “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.” While the song may express a truth, what it does not answer is, “How do I get to heaven?”  Heaven seems to be the presumed destination by almost everyone. Rarely does any family admit that their loved one has gone anywhere other than a “better place.”  

If you listen to the collective message of our culture you will hear this consistent message that any religion or any belief system can get you to this “better place.” Is that true? Christ Jesus never referred to “a” way or “numerous” ways to heaven. He spoke of only one way. 

Click — 9-20-20 How Can Jesus be the Only Way to Heaven? (John 14:1-6)

Finding Forgiveness

Forgiveness–When the unthinkable happens we often wonder how God could forgive those who commit the worst of sins. It is even more alarming to think that no matter the sin, be it large or small, “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” No one can claim to have reached the mark of God’s perfection. Forgiveness–it’s the one thing we all need and want from God but how do I find forgiveness? I hope the following message will help you find the forgiveness God wants to extend to you today.