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I Am Too Small and Weak

I was about six years old and I wanted to help mow the grass. I was too small and weak however to push the mower through the thick turf. So, my father stretched his big arms around me and gripped the mower handles and pushed and turned the mower. It was finally happening, I was mowing the lawn but not at all in my own strength—I was mowing in the strength of my father.

In the same way, Christ gives instructions to us to share the gospel. The good news of His life, death, burial and resurrection.  Not however in our own strength and authority but in His. To the church, He gives three directives.

Go and Tell

Jesus commands us, His disciple, to go and share the gospel. Don’t forget this week to go and tell someone. While sharing your faith don’t forget to invite others to church on Sunday.

Go and Teach

Make disciples, teaching all the things Christ has taught us.

Go Together

Go in His strength, in His power and authority. He never leaves us. Christ is always with us to empower the message, the teaching and the disciple making.

Just remember as you go—you are not “going it alone.”


See Matthew 28:18-20

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