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Everything Life

“Everything Life”

Choose Life!
Choose Life!

What about “Life?” It could be said that there is perhaps no greater debate in our times than conversations concerning the origins of life. How did life begin? Is there a purpose and a creator? What is life about and more importantly—where is life going?

Whatever you might believe there are many relevant and compelling question concerning everyday life. For example; for what purpose are we here? Is there really a bigger picture? What values will I teach my children? What will I do with this life? Will I live it for myself, for others, for wealth or will I waste this treasured gift? Why are there limits in life and why is there a limit to my life. More mysteriously, is there life beyond the limits of this life?

Is there a “type” of life out there that is better than all other types of life and lifestyles? I believe there is and these notes are about the unsurpassed life—a life more abundant!

Life is a beautiful gift. These personal notes are written from a premise that there is a life-giver, a creator and sustainer. That creation began by an intelligent designer and that He is the giver of “Everything Life!”

“He himself gives life and breath to everything.” (Acts 17:25)



I Am Too Small and Weak

I was about six years old and I wanted to help mow the grass. I was too small and weak however to push the mower through the thick turf. So, my father stretched his big arms around me and gripped the mower handles and pushed and turned the mower. It was finally happening, I was mowing the lawn but not at all in my own strength—I was mowing in the strength of my father.

In the same way, Christ gives instructions to us to share the gospel. The good news of His life, death, burial and resurrection.  Not however in our own strength and authority but in His. To the church, He gives three directives.

Go and Tell

Jesus commands us, His disciple, to go and share the gospel. Don’t forget this week to go and tell someone. While sharing your faith don’t forget to invite others to church on Sunday.

Go and Teach

Make disciples, teaching all the things Christ has taught us.

Go Together

Go in His strength, in His power and authority. He never leaves us. Christ is always with us to empower the message, the teaching and the disciple making.

Just remember as you go—you are not “going it alone.”


See Matthew 28:18-20

“I Am Not Ashamed”


unashamedThis was Paul’s stand, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.” In spite of a changing culture, decaying morals and present persecution, Paul would not cower to the cynics, shift his stand because of scoffers nor would he drink from the fountain of culture. His pledge was to stand unashamed and ready to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ at Rome. If anything should be clear, to the point, uncompromisingly distinct, boldly proclaimed and without apology, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We, as believers and witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ, will never find the affirmation we so desperately long for from our surrounding culture. The support we need is not found in the counsel of the ungodly nor in the path of sinners nor in the seat of the scornful but our delight is in the law [Word] of the Lord and it is in this law [Word] that we are to meditate day and night. We do well and prosper only in light of His counsel (see Psalm 1). This is why we gather and encourage one another in worship and fellowship each week. Christ commanded us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. We are to find our affirmation by coming together for worship, inspiration, encouragement, fellowship and even gather more frequently as we see the day of His appearing getting closer (Heb. 10:25).